AquaVember 2016 Portraits

I just finished the AquaVember challenge again in November. I created a new watercolor piece every day that month. My favorites are probably the portraits from the 30 piece series. I’ll probably post some more pieces later, but I really wanted to post these right now.

The Doctor Who Fan


Watercolors. 9×12 inches.

A lighter approach for me.

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The Halloween Edition

“Welcome To Silent Hill”

So, I should have posted this image on Halloween, but oh well. This piece was created for Yay! L.A. Magazine’s Horror Movie Day project. Over 100 artists from around the world chose a horror film to illustrate for this event. @yaylamg on Instagram released artwork on a daily basis throughout the month of October. #yayhmad is the official hashtag for the project. also featured the work in their arts section every week and interviewed some of the artists from the project. It was a fun project. I’m actually a huge horror fan and I enjoyed the artistic interpretations of the films. My film was Silent Hill (2006). If you haven’t watched the film, just google “Silent Hill Nurse Scene”. The medium is watercolor of course.

I chose Silent Hill because of all the amazing dark imagery in the film. It’s not a great film, but many people seem to agree that it’s a visually stunning film. My favorite scene from Silent Hill is the encounter with the dark nurses. Moving slowly towards the light, with their disfigured swollen heads and sharp weapons in hand, the heroine had to carefully navigate through them. It’s one of the creepiest scenes in the film. I ultimately decided to paint one of the nurses in what I call a ‘Welcome to Silent Hill’ pose.

A Preview of “Irina”


I’m probably going to make a print from this piece. Once I get a proper photograph/scan. At 15×20 inches, this is the largest watercolor piece that I’ve worked on recently.

The Best of The AquaVember Challenge

Well, it’s more like my favorites from the AquaVember challenge. I finished a watercolour piece everyday back in November of last year. It was a wild ride, but I managed to create some interesting pieces throughout the month.

Overall, I was satisfied with most of the finished pieces. There’s probably just one piece in the set that I hate















The Nude in Watercolour

Alexis Jenni Coral Meredith

Just some experiments with watercolour. From sessions at the Norfolk Drawing Group.

April. The Toned Portrait.

9x12. Prismacolor Pencils

9×12. Prismacolor Pencils

This is actually an old piece, but I didn’t post it here for some reason. I created this portrait with a live model in about two hours. You can do some amazing things with toned paper. The trick is to use the smooth side though. I usually purchase Canson Pastel paper and one side has a tooth to it. I would love to create more toned pieces, but I’m really trying to paint as much as I can. I’ve obviously been trying to paint with watercolors and I’m teaching myself how to use oils. I will always love the control that you have with drawing though. Oils is an interesting medium and hopefully I’ll post a decent oil piece soon. I have a lot to learn.

Crack Babies… “Broken, But Not Defeated”


The Crack Babies represent all of us. In some shape or form, we’re all broken. Mentally or maybe physically. “Broken, but not defeated.”

The Crack Babies were originally created in a college classroom during the first day of classes. I was unwarrantably warned by a professor to not illustrate any images with guns or images that degrade women. Being stereotyped in front of my peers sparked the creation of the first Crack Baby. I can still remember the day when I ignored his lecture and sketched the first baby.

The Crack Babies have appeared in a lot of my work over the years. Featured in printed materials and gallery shows. 3D versions have actually been created from ceramics and other materials. I occasionally like to combine their graphic nature with my figurative or portrait art. The Crack Babies are destined to be a part of some future commercial endeavors. They’re their own brand.

The Animal Kingdom


9×12. Watercolour

Sonic The Hedgehog. 9x12. Watercolour

Sonic The Hedgehog. 9×12. Watercolour

The final two pieces of 2012. Animals are definitely harder to paint than people.