April. The Toned Portrait.

9x12. Prismacolor Pencils

9×12. Prismacolor Pencils

This is actually an old piece, but I didn’t post it here for some reason. I created this portrait with a live model in about two hours. You can do some amazing things with toned paper. The trick is to use the smooth side though. I usually purchase Canson Pastel paper and one side has a tooth to it. I would love to create more toned pieces, but I’m really trying to paint as much as I can. I’ve obviously been trying to paint with watercolors and I’m teaching myself how to use oils. I will always love the control that you have with drawing though. Oils is an interesting medium and hopefully I’ll post a decent oil piece soon. I have a lot to learn.

One response to “April. The Toned Portrait.

  • James Lawson

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