One day… three models.

I’ll eventually post some work that isn’t a figure study. I work with a lot of models, so I’m trying not to drown this blog in figure studies. I’m also planning to participate in a Nude Art show in June, so there’s a good chance that you’ll see nothing but figure studies for awhile.

If you want to feel like a professor, proctor a college art exam. I did just that yesterday for a Drawing 3 class. It’s really just an excuse to work with models for free. Their final exam consisted of drawing two models together. Working with two models is always difficult. There’s a lot of perspective to workout, and in my case, I work too slow. I have to admit that I was forced to layout both figures first somewhat, and then I added my delicate details. Which might explain why the contrast is so low for the overall piece. I believe I captured enough information for viewers to figure out what’s going on. Any comments or critiques?

I wasn’t too impressed with my work form the Drawing group session. I must have used all my creative energy during the day. It felt good to work with three models though. I’m going to conquer anatomy drawing with my unconventional techniques one day.

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