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The Painted Bird

A Painted Bunting. 9×12. Watercolour

I just have to say that painting flesh is easier to paint than feathers. I was trying to work with a more wet technique as well, but I didn’t want the technique to overwhelm the piece.

The Hills of Richmond

A Richmond, Virginia hilltop. 9×12. Watercolour


9x12 Watercolour Portrait.

After applying layers and layers of watercolour, this image continues to be soft. Do I really need solid opaque layers though?

My type of party.

Seated model on the lawn.


My favorite type of party is one where I get to draw and work with models. I had an opportunity to hangout with a bunch of artists and a model in Virginia Beach Saturday. I don’t have too much to say about this piece. It’s my favorite piece from the night though. The model is actually wearing clothes for a change. At least for this piece.