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Lizanne. 9×12. Watercolour

I actually finished this piece during the Summer of 2012. I don’t know why it took me so long to upload it here though. I was probably trying to wait until I could photograph it. The scan added a lot of yellow to the image unfortunately.

The Painted Bird

A Painted Bunting. 9×12. Watercolour

I just have to say that painting flesh is easier to paint than feathers. I was trying to work with a more wet technique as well, but I didn’t want the technique to overwhelm the piece.

The Hills of Richmond

A Richmond, Virginia hilltop. 9×12. Watercolour

Black History Month In July?


“Broken Chains” 15 x 20. Watercolour


I originally created this image around February. I know why I didn’t post it earlier. I didn’t finish the background and the photographs of my low contrast paintings never look right. It’s a good progress shot I guess. The overall composition will work better when I finally finish the piece.



9x12 Watercolour Portrait.

After applying layers and layers of watercolour, this image continues to be soft. Do I really need solid opaque layers though?


9x12 Watercolour portrait.


Yes, I’m still around. I’ve been working on portraits and paintings a lot lately. I’ll eventually flood my blog with the new work. I’ve been told that I don’t paint, but I actually draw with paint. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or what. I am self-trained, so I have a hybrid technique I guess.

Anyways, I’m still available for commissions. Serious inquires can be sent to:

My type of party.

Seated model on the lawn.


My favorite type of party is one where I get to draw and work with models. I had an opportunity to hangout with a bunch of artists and a model in Virginia Beach Saturday. I don’t have too much to say about this piece. It’s my favorite piece from the night though. The model is actually wearing clothes for a change. At least for this piece.



Burlesque night

Porcelain poses with work from our first session.

It was burlesque night at the Norfolk Drawing Group Tuesday night. Porcelain is a North Carolina performer, and she traveled to Virginia to work with us again.

I should have worked faster. I really needed to work on this piece for another hour. My non-traditional approach to figure studies usually works for me or it can work against me. I obviously should have finished the hand, but I trust that I’ll work with her again. My next piece will be better. I would love to paint her one day.

Show and Tell


I just wanted to announce that I entered two shows recently. I submitted three entries for The Virginia Artists show, which is sponsored by the Hampton Arts League. It was a last minute decision, so I entered several figure studies. The figure study of Meredith was one of the entries. I really like this study and I hope all three pieces will get into the show.

I also paid my entry fee for the White Tail annual Nude art show. I’ll be selling work there on June 4th and 5th. The event is in Ivor, VA. Figure studies will be for sale at this event and I’m displaying new work. This is a good time for anyone to let me know if they’re interested in purchasing a study. Some of my best studies are heading to Ivor in June.

One day… three models.

I’ll eventually post some work that isn’t a figure study. I work with a lot of models, so I’m trying not to drown this blog in figure studies. I’m also planning to participate in a Nude Art show in June, so there’s a good chance that you’ll see nothing but figure studies for awhile.

If you want to feel like a professor, proctor a college art exam. I did just that yesterday for a Drawing 3 class. It’s really just an excuse to work with models for free. Their final exam consisted of drawing two models together. Working with two models is always difficult. There’s a lot of perspective to workout, and in my case, I work too slow. I have to admit that I was forced to layout both figures first somewhat, and then I added my delicate details. Which might explain why the contrast is so low for the overall piece. I believe I captured enough information for viewers to figure out what’s going on. Any comments or critiques?

I wasn’t too impressed with my work form the Drawing group session. I must have used all my creative energy during the day. It felt good to work with three models though. I’m going to conquer anatomy drawing with my unconventional techniques one day.